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Meet Vanessa

vanessa martinez

Vanessa was working as a medical assistant in dermatology in College Station, Texas when the Mary Kay opportunity came walking into the office.  As a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, Vanessa was working full-time to earn experience for medical school as well as taking extra classes at the university.  She had never heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics nor experienced the products, but was enchanted by both instantly.  After hearing her enthusiasm for starting her own Mary Kay business on the side, and with a little convincing, her husband, Artie, encouraged her to “give it a shot.”

A little over a year of working her business in her spare time, Vanessa decided to step up into leadership within the company and take her career to the next level.  That October, less than three months later, she debuted as an Independent Sales Director, earning a gorgeous amethyst class ring and red leather Dooney & Burke handbag with a $500 check inside!  Vanessa has won numerous Star Consultant prizes, her favorite being the 50th Anniversary Mary Kay china,  and is currently working toward her fourth Mary Kay career car, the prestigious Pink Cadillac! 

Vanessa and Artie are both from Corpus Christi, Texas and currently reside in the Houston area. They love to travel both within the US and internationally and are excited to see the world first-class as they get to travel with Mary Kay in style!  As a first-generation American, Vanessa was raised hearing that “even in a country where anything is possible, hard work is still the main ingredient for success.” She loves being a part of a company built on the Golden Rule that shares that same philosophy and is very grateful she was invited to that Mary Kay party!